Sacred Vision Workshops with Sandra Lynne Page

An Introduction to Shamanic Medicine

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An Introduction to Shamanic Medicine

Come and experience a taste of the Energetic Healing Tools and Medicine of the Inca Tradition

Learn how to engage with the Shamanic way of seeing
Discover how to work with the Luminous Energy Field and create your own personal Sacred Space
Connect to an ancient system of healing filled with beauty and mystery
Dive into process that support change at a deep level and help you to create life full of presence and meaning

Course content will include:

Journey to the Lower World to connect with your Power Animal
Khuya Limpia ~ Energy Cleansing with Stones

Saturday 8th July 2017
10am to 4pm
The Chapel
Nr Scarborough

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring lunch,
drinks are provided

Workshop fee £45
Booking is essential to reserve your place

For more information
Phone: 07849323137

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