Shamanic Workshops with Sandra Lynne Page

See through the Eyes of the Shaman
2nd to 3rd November 2019
The Old Chapel

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See through the Eyes of the Shaman

Come and experience a Two day Workshop exploring your Inner wisdom.

This work is based upon the teachings of the ancient descendant's of the Incas, the Qero people.

Learn how to open the "Wirracocha" your Sacred space and how it can expand your ability to see and perceive the world of spirit.

Learn and perform ancient shamanic energy extraction medicine that you can share straight away with others.

Journey with a drum or rattle to the "Lower World" and discover your allies, Power Animals. Bring back your Power Animal to help you day to day with your challenges and goals, and energetic gifts that you install in your luminous energy field.

Experience a Soul Retrieval Journey and Create a new Mythic map to reorganise your life and direction.

Receive the first three Rites of the Munay ki and learn how to share them with others.

2nd to 3rd November 2019
The Old Chapel Staintondale

(There is a further workshop at the end of November in the Forest of Dean where you learn and receive all 9 rites!)
You can find the details here:

Click for the Munay Ki

Price: £160 for the 2 days (non residential)
Your 50% deposit secures your place.

Paypal or bank transfer accepted.

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