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When I look back I realise that I have spent all of my life painting.

As a Shaman and as an artist my passion is to 'make visible' the invisible world.

In the gallery below you can view some of my work.

I have painted what I have seen both around me in the 'visible ' world and also what I have seen in the 'invisible' world or world of 'Spirit' for many years.

Working one to one with clients for many years I have developed this practice into what I describe as 'Soul Art.'

Many of the paintings below were painted after 'journeying' for clients as a Shaman, and returning with a vision of a Power Animal or Soul Part that was ready to return to be with them.

If you would be interested in exploring this work with me please contact me for details. I am also available for more general commissions as a painter including portraits.

A number of the above paintings remain available for sale. Please contact me with any enquiries and your requests.

Sandra x

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